AA meetings in Las Cruces


Before attending your first AA Meeting

We sincerely welcome you! We respectfully ask that you consider the anonymity of anyone you see or anything you hear at an AA Meeting and not share names or private information with others or announce that you saw someone at an AA meeting outside of the fellowship. If you are a friend or spouse of an alcoholic, or a student who needs to go to meetings for a class, you are welcome at any OPEN meeting.  If you are a person who has had difficulties with alcohol but are not sure you want to stop drinking, you’ll be welcomed at any OPEN meeting too.  In the meeting schedule, the meetings are identified as either open or closed. Closed meetings are for people who identify as members of Alcoholics Anonymous; that is we have a desire to stop or stay stopped from drinking. Whether open or closed we ask that when speaking at an AA meeting, persons confine their comments as they relate to alcoholism. We suggest you attend as many meetings as possible especially if you are questioning if you have a drinking problem.  We have a solution.

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