District 4 Trusted Servants and Service Opportunities

District Trusted Servants:
DCM — Mike K.
Alt. DCM —
Treasurer — Athena H.
Secretary — Matt S.
District Committee Chairs:
AA for All (formerly Accessibilities): Sherrell G.
Archives: Zach E.
Answering Service: John F.
Bridge the Gap: Carrie N.
Cooperation with the Professional Community: Terry E.
Crier: Teresa V.
El Farolito Rep: Molly R.
Grapevine Rep: Rick K.
Literature: Marilyn F.
Men’s Corrections: Jack M.
Women’s Corrections: Jen N.
Newsletter: Open
Public Information:
Schedules: Open
Treatment: Ron N.
Web Committee: Robin B.
Young People: Liz L.

The following is a partial list of District 4 Service Opportunities:

Current open positions include: Newsletter and Schedules (two different positions) if you are interested in being of service in either of these positions, please contact the DCM or attend the next District Meeting.

Bridge the Gap Committee: local sober members are encouraged to sign up.  Check with DCM, Committee Chair through district meeting, other group trusted servants if you’d like to get involved.

Incoming District Elected Officers
DCM Elect: Athena H.
Alternate DCM Elect: Matt S.
Treasurer Elect: Billy K.
Secretary Elect: Robin B.

If you are interested in taking a committee chair position for the 72nd – 73rd rotation, please attend the next District meeting, speak with your group’s GSR or contact Athena.