AA meetings in Las Cruces

Here you will find Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for the Las Cruces area. If you were sent by the court, looking for help or are a student needing to go to a meeting for a class, we have something for you.

There are different types of AA meetings. A closed meeting is one that is limited to individuals who have a desire to stop drinking. If you are a friend or spouse of an alcoholic, or a student who needs to go to a meeting for a class, you want to go to open meetings. If you are a person who has had difficulties with alcohol but are not sure you want to stop drinking, feel free to attend any one of the open meetings. In the meeting schedule above, the meetings are identified as either open or closed. (Note that the online meeting is open.) There are also discussion meetings and speaker meetings. A discussion meeting is a meeting where a person will propose a topic and then each member will have a chance to share their experiences and ideas on the subject. A speaker meeting consists of one AA member taking the hour to share his or her experience, strength and hope.

Need to print the meeting schedule? See the pdf below.

July 2019 Meeting Schedule

July 2019 map