For GSRs / Group Discussion

Items for groups to discuss for the next District Meeting, June 27, 2021 at 10:30am (taken from the meeting minutes on May 23, 2021)

● Albuquerque books

o Should a committee be created to deal with all aspects of distribution?

o How would groups like the books to be distributed?

▪ A percentage to each group?

▪ Split between the groups and the district committees?

▪ Give directly to the community (high schools, community centers, hospitals)?

▪ All ideas and suggestions are welcome.

o Who or where can we store all the books? (an inventory of the book quantity will be coming in the near future)

● Would the groups like to create a Workshop Planning Committee?

o Jen N and Athena H have been coordinating them recently; they are happy to continue, but want all members to know they may plan a workshop (they are by no means trying to monopolize these 😉 )

● 2021 Delegates Report

o When would we like to have this? (consensus so far is to hold it after one of the District Meetings as has been done historically)

o How would we like to host? Via Zoom only, hybrid, in-person? Currently looking to schedule after the July district 4 meeting 07/25/21.

● Area 46 website is looking for any interesting facts about District 4 to add to the Area website. (Please send interesting and fun facts to Mike K asap so he can submit to Area46 for the District 4 webpage on the area website.)